• I believe that the course exercises have fostered collaboration among the organization’s departments through a better understanding and alignment of goals and objectives
  • Improved productivity – there is more time spent discussing solutions and getting things done
  • This course gave me tangible ways to become a better coach
  • I have learned practical coaching techniques and procedures that can be easily applied on my job
  • The course helped identify key areas where I need to improve.  Now I have some of the tools to address and improve them
  • Applying what I have learned to specific on the job situations
  • Great situational examples and discussions made the training realistic for me
  • I learned that avoidance is not the answer – lack of leadership can cause negative conflict
  • I have a better understanding of conflict and now have new tools to deal with it. This learning will continue to enhance the work environment
  • I can apply these performance management techniques to real work situations
  • I learned to recognize conflict and understand my own personal approach to handling conflicts.  I realized that I may need to consider using other ‘less comfortable’ tactics
  • I developed a better understanding of my role as a leader within the specific culture of the organization
  • Group discussions with other managers have made me more aware of areas I need to improve in interacting with my staff
  • It was eye-opening to realize the difference between a manager and a leader. There is a huge difference!
  • I learned how making someone else feels valued will impact what they give to the organization
  • I appreciated the networking and feedback from other participants and having the ability to share ideas with peers
  • The course provided practical ways of dealing with difficult situations – role playing was very helpful
  • What was most valuable? Learning to ask open ended questions to help me get more feedback from my crew and understanding that it is important to set people up for success.

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