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Achieving Desired Results from Carefully Designed Instruction

Corporate leaders are focused on results. A change in people’s behavior is often required in order for the desired results to be achieved. And this is what corporate learning initiatives are all about.

Achieving Desired Results from Carefully Designed Instruction Effective corporate training starts with identifying what you intend to achieve. What is the outcome or the desired result this training will bring about? And how will you know it when you see it? Think in terms of key performance indicators that accurately measure the results of the training.

Initiating a corporate training program is predicated on a desire to change people’s behavior. But exactly which behaviors should be changed? It is important to target what people need to do differently to achieve the intended results and aim instruction at those behaviors. But how do you do that?

One way to identify the specific behaviors that directly impact the results you want to achieve is to find other groups that are currently achieving those results. This might be another company or another department in the company you’re working for. Through interviews, observation and researching records, specific behaviors and patterns of behavior will become apparent. Then you can compare these effective behaviors with those of the group you’re working with and focus on those that need to be changed.

Aiming training at those specific behaviors requires intentionally designing instruction to achieve your goals. There will be a higher probability of success if instruction is systematically developed using adult learning and design theories and techniques, ensuring that critical concepts are explored through appropriate content presentation and learning activities. Consideration must be given to motivating people to change their behavior, giving them the tools to change, and enforcing a practice regiment so that desired behaviors are employed naturally and appropriately.

Testing for behavior change allows for you and the student to measure their progress towards the desired outcome. It also provides feedback that is essential to the learning process. Test trainees, discuss their progress, allow them to make corrections and practice some more.

When training is properly designed with results in mind and delivered with a focus on how adults learn, then the ultimate outcome will be a more successful organization.

Owen Davis is managing director of U.S. Operations for TrainingFolks, which specializes in performance consulting, elearning development, contract trainer and instructional designer services, and designing and executing employee-based development systems. He can be reached at 704-987-7761 or visit

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