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Electrical Safety Authority Case Study

ESA Case Study Challenge
"If I had this [SLA program] a year ago when I first started, it would have made a great difference!"

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is a stand-alone, financially self-sustaining not-for-profit corporation accountable to a Board of Directors and operating as an Administrative Authority under the Electricity Act 1998. ESA is responsible for public electrical safety in Ontario, Canada, which includes regulating the safe use of electricity and equipment in Ontario, enforcing the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, and appointing Electrical Inspectors.

ESA recognized the need to develop and implement a Succession Strategy for its Inspectors. It was projected that over the following five years, there would be a 45% turnover of employees; a large percentage of these employees being Inspectors and Senior Inspectors.

In taking a proactive approach, ESA wanted to prepare for this turnover by having Inspectors ready to take on the role of Senior Inspector as the opportunities become available.

The Electrical Safety Authority partnered with TrainingFolks to develop and establish such a program.

The concept of developing a Senior Leadership Academy (SLA) was born. SLA provides an incentive for Inspectors who are interested in developing their skills to support a well planned, consistent and cost effective succession strategy for leadership positions at ESA. The SLA provides interested Inspectors with training that prepares them to move into Senior Inspector positions and front line supervision roles, which play a critical role in the successful implementation of ESA's Harm Reduction Strategy. The SLA provides participants with the necessary skills, coaching and full mentoring, designed to support these priorities and the organization.

To build the SLA, TrainingFolks completed a thorough analysis and identified the skills and knowledge required for the role, built a learning and succession plan, developed the curriculum, implementation strategy and delivered the training. TrainingFolks also developed the managerial coaching modules and a formal Mentoring Program to sustain, support and reinforce the learning of the participants. The program is based on two days of learning per quarter, with formal mentoring and coaching sessions scheduled within.

ESA has seen results in the activities and application of learning from its SLA participants. Interested Inspectors, who have graduated from the SLA, have moved into the role of Senior Inspector. These Inspectors have proven to be better prepared for taking over this role, with a shorter ramp up time to being effective.

This program has proven so successful to business impact and results that the Executive Team committed to having continual groups enrolled in the program on an on-going basis.

Dave Busato (left) is a Senior Inspector who was on the original development team and Tony Titus is a graduate of the Academy and is now a Senior Inspector.

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